Food Fight Slots

There's something truly enjoyable about a good old-fashioned food fight. We know it's wrong to waste all that delicious food, but in the heat of the moment we just don't care! Food Fight the slot game is all about reliving that fun in slot form, and it's an interesting concept if you ask us. The game itself features a whole bunch of different common food options, and they spin around creating winning opportunities for gamblers like you and me. We tried the slot out to get a feel for the unique game, and we weren't entirely disappointed by what we found.

Minor Bet Options

As a low stakes gamblers there are a lot of betting options to choose from with Food Fight, but as a high roller things get more limited. There are just 9 pay lines in this slot game, and it's possible to bet on between one and all of the lines a you choose. The line bet limit is $5.00 and the minimum is $0.01, so you can effectively bet between $0.01 and $45.00 on a single spin. That's a decent range to work with and it's going to be more than enough selection to satisfy most low stakes gamblers, it's the high rollers that might be a bit disappointed with the upper betting limits.

The Ice Cream Bonus

Build an ice cream sundae to unlock the special Ice Cream bonus round. During this round you'll get a random prize payout worth as much as 400 credits. It's not the hugest bonus game, but it's worthwhile enough to hope for and could leave your balance looking a little bit fatter.

Cream Pie Bonus Game

Get together all the different symbols you need to create a cream pie and you'll be transported to the Food Fight Bonus round. During this special bonus game there are five different characters present and you get to choose who you want to pie. Each time you successfully pie a character you can pie another one. Keep playing until you miss or you unlock the maximum of 4,000 credits, which could be worth a whopping $20,000 if you like to bet big.

Food Fight offers fun and excitement and it does it all with a unique theme that stands out to long time gamblers. The symbols look nice, though they aren't one bit modern looking. The top prizes aren't huge, but they're good enough to get excited about, and when you consider the highest bet amount this slot has a lot going for it.