Crazy Vegas Slots

Crazy Vegas is a slot game that's all about Las Vegas and the crazy environment that it is. If you enjoy fast-paced fun, and the glitz and glamor of Vegas draws you in, this slot machine might draw you in as well. We decided to give the game a try to find out what it's really like, and we weren't disappointed.

An Impressive Max Bet

Crazy Vegas is all about being wild and crazy with your bets, and this slot game gets that right quite nicely. While playing through the game you have the option of betting up to $500 per spin. This is across 20 different pay lines, and each line will accept up to a $25.00 maximum bet. Low stakes players can drop that bet amount down to a minimum of $0.01 on a single line for the ultimate in low stakes betting fun.

The Ultimate Scatter Wild

In Crazy Vegas, the game logo serves as a scatter and a wild at the same time. It will help complete prize payouts and subs in for symbols to create winning prizes, but also serves as a powerful scatter symbol. Get three or more of these symbols and you'll get a flat payout times your bet amount. It's possible to use the symbol as a scatter and wild at the same time for even more wins as you play through the rounds of this slot game. Sccatter payouts can be as large as 100x if you have five of the symbols anywhere on the reels.

The Big Bonus Game

Try for the Big Bonus Symbol at the beginning and end of the reels on Crazy Vegas. If you manage to get them in the right position you'll unlock a special bonus game for you to try out. This game features a large wheel with an inside and outside wheel. Two different hands spin around the wheel and it's up to you to stop them both. Once you do, they will multiply together and that value is multiplied by your total bet to give you an amount. You can get up to 1000x your bet amount while playing this slot game if you're lucky enough to get the x10 on the inside and the 100 on the outside.

The Random Jackpot

Crazy Vegas also comes with a random progressive jackpot that any gambler trying this slot game out can win. There are no real steps to unlock the prize. You just need to play the slot as normal and there's a slight chance that you'll win and unlock the progressive jackpot payout. Once you do it will be immediately credited to your game balance. The payout is in the thousands of dollars and climbs higher than $10,000 with enough time. It goes up a dollar every 15 minutes or so, climbing very high if nobody wins the bonus.

Crazy Vegas shows off all the graphics that you would expect to see while out in Vegas for a vacation. It's a nice looking slot game and there is enough money at stake to make it worthwhile as well. Whether you're trying to win big from the bonus game, or just to unlock some decent prize payouts during the standard rounds, this slot has a lot to offer.