Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon Slots is a classic slot game that celebrates the beauty of the dragon while creating real winning opportunities for online gamblers at the same time. It's simple in form, but looks nice while offering some pretty nice features for players that aren't common of classic slot games.

The Opening Wager

Crazy Dragon slots is a classic slot game with a single payline. Players can pick between one and three coins on that line, giving them the opportunity to bet as little as $.01 with a single coin set to $.01, and as much as $30, with three coins with a value of $10.00 apiece.

Decent Top Prizes

The fireworks are the most lucrative symbol in Crazy Dragon slots and they can pay out as much as 3,000 coins, or $30,000 if you're betting the maximum amount on three coins. That's an exciting top prize and with just five different symbols on the reels it turns up more often than you would expect, especially with help from the wild symbol.

Yin Yang Wild

The Yin Yang symbol serves as the wild for this classic slot game. It matches anything other than the dragon symbols and will help create winning combinations for you while you play through the slot game. It doesn't serve as a multiplier, but will help boost the number of wins that you get from the slot.

Unlock Re-Spins

One of the most important symbols in this slot game is the dragon. One or more sections of the multi-section dragon symbol rewards you with re-spins that will have the reels turning without you paying any coins at all. Just the head of the dragon offers 2 re-spins, the head and neck provides 5 re-spins and the whole dragon grants you a whopping 20 re-spins, creating a major opportunity to unlock some nice prizes.

Huge Progressive Jackpot

Crazy Dragon Slots has a huge progressive jackpot that only unlocks for the luckiest of all the players. To trigger this huge prize payout, you need to get 100 or more re-spins on a single bet. This is possible to do, though very difficult. To do it you need to get some re-spins with your initial bet, and then chain together more re-spin wins throughout the re-spin rounds until you finally build the meter up above 100. Do this and you'll be rewarded with the massive progressive jackpot.

Crazy Dragon slots is a unique classic slot game with a cool theme and a free spin bonus that's different from most other slots available today. That makes it fun to play, and it's why we can strongly recommend other players give the slot a try as well.