Young Tiger Slots

Young Tiger is a new and exciting slot game from Real Time Gaming that packs in an interesting blend of features and uses beautiful graphics to make it much more appealing overall. We love the look and feel of this slot, but we decided to put together a full review to learn what else the slot game has to offer as well.

Easy Wagering

Young Tiger is designed for simplicity and placing wagers is quick and easy when you get started with the slot game. With just a small selection of payline adjustments to make, and a range of line bets to choose between, it’s simple getting your wager amount set at a level you are comfortable with. After a few quick adjustments

Decent Prize Payouts

Young Tiger isn’t the sort of slot that’s going to make you rich in a single reel spin, but it does offer some impressive payouts that can help add some excitement to a play session. You can win thousands of coins on a single spin and are more likely to win by using the scatter and wild symbols as you play the game. Things get more interesting if you are able to trigger the bonus game while playing this slot.

A Good Feature Blend

Young Tiger is a top slot because of all the different features it offers to gamblers. Along with a wild that appears frequently, and scatter symbols that result in regular prize payouts, there is a bonus round, advanced controls and slot options and plenty of different opportunities to win big while you play the game. Thanks to all the different features available prizes are frequent and you have many different winning opportunities to look forward to as you play the slot game. We were impressed during the testing phase and found ourselves wanting to come back for more.

Exciting Bonus Opportunities

Along with all the standard features that are packed into Young Tiger to make it into the interesting slot game iti s, there are special bonus features for you to enjoy as well. There’s a free spin bonus round that’s simple to trigger and that gives you more chances to win big without adding to your cost to play at all.

Young Tiger is a beautiful slot game, but what we like about it most is that each time you test it out there’s something new to learn or experience with the game. It’s a lot of fun and is certainly worth a try if you like the look of the game.