Zhanshi Slots

Zhanshi is an impressive slot game from the very first glance. It’s a game themed after a Chinese soldier, and shows off an image of the Great Wall along with a host of symbols that you would expect to see tied to this theme. There is a tough soldier, a sword and scabbard, a horse and some other custom crafted symbols as well as the ever-present card symbols. This slot also features symbol animations that really bring everything to life, and that helps to liven things up a bit more while gambling. If a slot was good or bad based on appearance alone, we would be all for Zhanshi, but the features and payouts make or break a slot, which is why we chose to dig deeper to learn more about the game. Read on to learn our results.

Betting Flexibility

When playing Zhanshi players enjoy betting freedom that makes it easy to risk a comfortable amount, no matter what level player they are. Low stakes gamblers can risk pennies per spin with a $0.01 bet per each of their active paylines. There’s a betting minimum of $0.01 for the lowest risks, and it’s possible to turn bets up to higher levels and risk as much as $5.00 per line for a total of $100 over the 20 available pay lines. That’s a bet that should excite many of the high rollers out there looking for more action.

The Powerful Wilds

Wilds are very powerful in Zhanshi and used for so much more than they typically are. They work like standard wilds in that they substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations, but that’s where they stop functioning like standard wilds. While they do that, the wilds also serve to trigger a free spin bonus game much like scatters do in this game. Get enough wilds and you’ll trigger between 15 and 25 free spins. These spins can be re-triggered and they feature wilds that will help increase the frequency of wins as well.

Another Free Spin Round

While we thought it was a bit strange, there are two free spin bonus games in Zhanshi. The second is activated by the scatter symbols. Get three or more and you’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins. During these free spin rounds you also get a 2x multiplier to help raise the value of your biggest wins to something more exciting.

A Very Healthy Jackpot

There’s a massive jackpot in Zhanshi that will excite even the high rollers out there. While playing this slot game it’s possible to win as many as 200,000 coins. That’s a huge top prize when betting the maximum amount of cash while playing through this slot, and it’s almost unheard of.

Zhanshi is a beautiful slot game. It has a nice theme and comes with just the right number of features to keep things interesting and to give you more chances to win big. The slot game is worth trying out, and the huge potential wins make it very profitable to play.