Tally Ho Slots

Tally Ho is a video slot game themed after World War II. This slot game features women in uniform, pilots, military metals and war planes flying in the background. It's an exciting blend of old-time symbols that give it a nostalgic feel that makes the game more enjoyable to play through. There's a lot of potential cash at stake while playing this game, but it's the features that will either draw players in or chase them away. Read on to learn all about them.

Betting on Tally Ho

While playing Tally Ho it's important to set a bet amount that you are comfortable with. There are 20 pay lines that can be active at one time, and you'll be betting on every single active line that you want to use. That means you'll be betting as much as 20 line bets at once. The line bets can be between $0.01 and $5.00 each. This gives you a working range of $0.01 and $100.00 per spin in Tally Ho. Choose a bet level that you are comfortable with and begin playing the slot game in hopes of unlocking the best possible prize payout.

Excellent Top Jackpot

Tally Ho offers a good solid top payout during the standard rounds of the game. Players can unlock up to 10,000 coins while gambling on this slot game, and that's before you even get into the bonus features of this WWII slot. That means you could win as much as $50,000 if you are the type of gambler that doesn't mind betting big while playing through the rounds of a slot game. This huge payout comes from getting five of the Jet symbols in a row.

Random Progressive Payout

Tally Ho offers players a random chance to unlock a halfway decent progressive jackpot. This jackpot starts at $1,000 and works its way upward. It pays out after the conclusion of a turn of the slot game, and doesn't take much at all to unlock. Just spin the reels and get lucky and you'll get the progressive jackpot payout. It comes at unexpected moments and makes the slot game more enjoyable to play for sure.

Free Spins

The Roundrel symbol in this slot game serves as the scatter and will also help you unlock a very nice free spins round with a bit of luck. With two or more scatter symbols you'll earn a reward payout, and three or more triggers the free spins round. This round comes with 25 free spins and every single prize payout is tripled in size. That means getting five of the Jet symbols will reward you with 30,000 coins or as much as $150,000.

Tally Ho offers some excellent prize payouts and it's a fun online slot game to try out. It's not for everyone, but if you like the graphics of the game then you'll like the slot as well. It offers good solid wins, has plenty of bonuses and is just plain fun to play through.