Shopping Spree 2 Slots

Shopping Spree was one of the best online slot games for years and years after it was first released, and it was the ideal slot to play as a fan of serious shopping, but now it might not be the only shopping game worth trying out. That’s because Shopping Spree 2 was released, the sequel to the popular first game and it looks just as good, but with a modern touch. The slot game is revamped with beautiful graphics that don’t look nearly as dated as the ones on the original. It features shopping bags, necklaces, jewelry, credit cards and more that all point to a good time travelling around shopping. While Shopping Spree 2 looks a lot better than the original game, that doesn’t mean it is. That’s why we decided to take the time to play through the game and decide for ourselves. Below is our take on the features of the game and whether or not it’s worth trying out.

The Bet is Completely Fixed

While Shopping Spree gives players the chance to pick and choose their bet amount, that’s not the case with Shopping Spree 2. Instead the game opts to have players use a fixed bet of $2.25 every single time they spin the reels. If that’s a bet level that you’re comfortable with it won’t be seen as that much of a negative, but many gamblers won’t be happy about being locked in to that specific bet amount.

The Powerful Wild

Shopping Spree 2 offers a special wild symbol known as the Sales Tag. This symbol will sub in for most of the other symbols out on the reels, and it functions as a 20x multiplier as well. It’s one of the most desirable symbols in the game, and it only shows up on the third reel of the slot. This wild is necessary to unlock the top jackpot of Shopping Spree II, so keep an eye out for the sales tag while playing through the rounds of the game.

Winning Big

The diamond symbol is the highest paying in Shopping Spree 2, but it isn’t worth a whole lot without the sales tag wild to add into the mix. With the wild and four diamond symbols players will enjoy a payout of 50,000 credits. Without the wild the payout is just 5,000 credits instead.

Shopping Spree 2 offers many of the same features that the original slot game did, but it looks nicer and throws in some exciting new features. It’s not necessarily better than the original, but it certainly offers just as much and will appeal to players that want a more modern looking slot game to enjoy.