Popinata Slots

Popinata is a fun Mexican themed slot game with piñatas, cactuses and a bunch of other colorful cartoon symbols. From the moment that you begin playing this slot game you'll love all the chances that you have to win cash. The betting limits are a bit more limited because there is only 10 paylines to work with, but the high frequency of prize payouts makes up for this for most players.

Lower Betting Limit

Since this slot game has just 10 paylines, you can't bet massive amounts while you play. With a top coin value of $10.00 you can risk up to $100 per spin of the reels. That's a decent amount, but nothing like some of the other higher risk slots out there. That means the prize payouts will be a bit smaller as well, but with the slot being more affordable that's alright.

High Frequency Combinations

Popinata isn't about winning massive prizes, but many smaller prize payouts instead. With just 10 paylines overall, you wouldn't think this slot game would pay out prizes frequently but it does thanks to excellent wilds and a small number of symbols. From the moment that you get started with this online slot you'll have a chance to win numerous 250 coin, 120 coin and 50 and 60 coin prizes form the various symbols on the reels. With just six standard symbols prizes are very likely and you'll be unlocking them every few turns. That's the true joy of playing this online slot game and you'll quickly see that you can win a lot of cash from it, even if you don't win it all at once.

Donkey Wild

The Donkey is a powerful wild that shows up in this slot game to help you complete more prize payouts. It appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and will always expand to cover up the rest of the reel. These wilds can help you complete some very nice combinations when more than one reel is out at a time.

There's also a special re-spin feature associated with this wild symbol. When you get one or more of the wilds, the reels will hold them in place for an additional round and re-spin everything else. That means you get two chances to win big each time one of these wilds shows up on the reels, making them even more valuable overall.

Popinata is a fun online slot game with pretty basic graphics. It's nice to look at and doesn't have a huge number of symbols for you to learn. .The wild Donkey symbol is really the only one that you want to be on the lookout for, and you could win some nice prize chains with help from the symbol and a bit of luck on your side. Give the slot a try and you'll see just what's so special about it with a bit of time.