Three Reel Slots

Three-reel slots are often referred to as classic slots. Many of them do feature the classic assortment of fruit, sevens, bar symbols, and other familiar icons. However, others stray far from these elements. They may bring us themes involving anything from turkeys to aliens!

So, with just three reels in action and a minimal quantity of paylines, are these games worth playing? Let’s find out why we think they are.

They’re easier to play on a smaller budget

If you have a small budget to work with when playing slots, these games will make that budget stretch a lot further. If you find a slot game with just one payline, you might well play it from as little as one cent per spin. Even a small five-dollar budget would give you 500 spins of that game.

Compare that to a game with five reels and 50 paylines and you can see the difference.

Many three-reel games have huge multipliers to watch out for

There is a series of games from WGS that is based on large multiplier values coming into play. Many of these games have wilds involved, and these wilds can have some multipliers attached as well.

The best example is the Triple 10x Wild slot. This has two wilds, with 3x and 10x multipliers respectively. Depending on when they appear, you could get prizes multiplied by up to 30x their normal values.

You may even still spot a bonus feature

A bonus in a three-reel game? I bet you’re unconvinced, and we wouldn’t blame you. Yet there are three-reel games with bonuses to play. Wheel of Wealth, Alchemist’s Lab, and Turkey Time are all great examples of three-reel bonus slots.

These do tend to be quite basic games. A picking game is most likely to occur. In Turkey Time, you see nine turkeys appear above the reels. You can only choose one, but the one you select will bring you a prize. Once that is finished, you go back to the main game. It is simple, but it does provide something else to shoot for as you play.

You can probably see that playing three-reel slots is something worth considering. They can be a lot of fun if you look for ones with elements as shown above. If you normally steer clear, try a few in demo mode now to see what you think.