Dragon Orb Slots

Dragon Orb is a beautiful fantasy-themed slot game with animated graphics, constantly moving fire flies, a glowing moon and rich carefully crafted symbols that just look really nice. The game is clearly very modern, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth our recommendation. We’re taking the time to get to know the slot game closely to determine if it’s worth a play or not.

Few Paylines

With just 10 paylines, chances of winning prizes while playing this slot game are much fewer than the 20 or 25 payline slot games from RTG. That doesn’t mean that this game pays poorly though, just that prizes are handed out less frequently. The lowest possible bet that can be placed is $.10 and the highest is a whopping $250, giving you a huge range to work within, and making this a slot game with some of the highest available betting limits of all 10-line slots.

The Powerful Dragon Orb

The Dragon Orb symbol is the focus of this slot game and it has the power to make a lot of really great things happen. This wild symbol will show up on reels 2, 3 and 4 and to expand to cover the entire reel. If the orb does expand over the entire reel the re-spin feature is triggered immediately after. Any of the reels that have a wild symbol in them are held in place, and the remaining reels are re-spun. It’s possible for this feature to be reset if additional orbs show up and expand as well during a re-spin.

Regular Payouts

Even though the small number of paylines in this slot decreases your odds of unlocking regular prizes, the expanding Dragon Orb wilds help up the wins for you in a different way, so that when you do trigger a payout it’s going to be larger and offer several different prize payouts in the end.

Progressive Jackpot Payout

There’s a random progressive jackpot in this slot game as well. The jackpot is triggered at random at the conclusion of a spin. There’s no guarantee that the payout is going to come and there is no known trigger for it, but there is always a chance that you could unlock this nice payout, no matter how much you are betting on a turn in this slot game.

Dragon Orb slots looks really cool, it’s a generous slot game and is pretty fun to play as well. Gamblers looking for something mystic to spend their time on, should give the game a try. It’s especially good for gamblers that enjoy frequent payouts, because that’s the style of this slot.