Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Stop playing by the rules and try to snag some money for yourself by any means necessary in Cash Bandits 2. This fun slot game transforms you into a thief that wants to steal as much loot as possible. While playing this slot game you could win a huge amount of cash, and you might even break into the vault of a bank if you're lucky enough. It's not the sort of slot that will appeal to everyone, but it has some pretty nice features to gamblers that don't mind working a bit to make the features work for them.

Nice Looking

Cash Bandits 2 is a nice looking slot game with bright and colorful symbols, unique looks and a bunch of special themed icons that all blend together with the look that fits the crime theme of the game. It's something that you won't grow tired of looking at, and the game really stands out for its appearance on the first playthrough.

Placing a Bet

One of the first things that you must do when playing Cash Bandits 2 is place a bet. It's up to you whether you want to bet big or small, but the option is available either way. Players that want to place a modest bet can go with a wager as low as $.25. Players with a taste for risk and a larger bankroll can go with a wager up above $150. Choose a bet amount that suits you best and go with that.

Grouped Wilds

The Cash Bandits 2 Logo serves as the wild in this slot game and can help unlock some pretty impressive top prizes. The wild is especially effective because it's grouped. That means you won't get one wild on its own very often. Instead you'll enjoy several wilds all at the same time, which obviously increases your odds of unlocking exceptional prizes.

The Vault

The Vault feature is one of the best ways to win big in Cash Bandits 2. This feature gives you a whole bunch of free spins with a potential multiplier as well. To unlock the Vault, you need to get three or more scatter symbols. Once you have the scatter symbols, you are tasked with entering combinations into 5 different vaults, so enter the codes in carefully and you might get huge free spin opportunities. It can be as high as 190 spins with a x17 multiplier, which could bring massive prizes to the lucky few that actually unlock this top bonus.

Progressive Jackpot

Cash Bandits 2 also offers a pretty exciting progressive jackpot. There's nothing special that you have to do to unlock this special reward of the game. At the end of any turn there's always a chance that you'll win the jackpot and reset it back down to the minimum. This is an exciting prize and could pay out thousands of dollars potentially.