Fucanglong Slot Game

Fucanglong is a mystical slot game from RTS that has an Eastern feel to it with ancient Chinese characters. There are also dragon symbols and the whole game is set to a backdrop of Chinese lanterns along with an Eastern building. It's a nice looking game that has a mysterious quality to it, and there are a lot of features to keep players busy after they start playing the slot game. Below is an overview of those features and everything that Fucanglong has to offer its players.

Higher Bet Minimum

Fucanglong has a higher bet minimum of $.30 that some low-stakes players won't enjoy, and it allows players to bet as much as $150, a limit that high rollers will enjoy. With the higher bet minimum many low-stakes players might have to reconsider this slot game, it does come with quite a few perks though, and is worth playing it if you can afford the game.

The Standard Game

While playing the base game of this slot you'll be amazed at how often you win prizes. Not only that, but you could get some serious prizes thanks to generous multipliers that unlock during the standard rounds. The two scatters, the Dragon Pearl and the Dragon Mountain both offer special multipliers that make very generous rewards possible.

The Dragon Free Spin Round

Players that are fortunate enough to get three or more Dragon Mountain symbols will start up the free spin round. Players will receive 8 free spins during this round, and they'll enjoy multipliers on their win of as high as 8x the bet amount. If the free spin round is triggered by four or more symbols the wild becomes an expanding wild that offers more prize potential.

The Pearl Free Spin Round

If you get three or more Dragon Pearl symbols you'll unlock the pearl free spin bonus. This is eight rounds as well, but there are a few additional benefits during it. During the round there are expanding wilds

1024 Paylines

Players used to standard video slots that have a set number of pay lines will get a different experience from Fucanglong. That's because there are 1024 different ways to win, which means you can essentially get matching symbols anywhere on the reels and unlock a prize or two. There are so many different ways to win that you'll be getting prizes on many rounds that you play.

Fucanglong isn't your standard Chinese-themed slot game. It has a high quality appearance and a whole bunch of features that are worth taking note of. It's fun to play, offers prizes regularly and pays out large enough amounts to make it worthwhile for just about anyone to play.