Lucky 6 Slots

Hopefully the luck of the Irish is on your side when you try out Lucky 6 Slots. This Leprechaun themed slot game features jewels, toadstools, four leaf clovers, leprechauns, golden horseshoes and more to set the mood. From the moment that you start playing this game it will be obvious that you have a lot to gain by trying it out for even just a few minutes.

You Have Six Reels to Play With

Most standard video slot games today give you just five reels to play on. That's a decent amount and leaves you with plenty of opportunities to win big. Lucky 6 gives you six reels to play over though, for even more winning opportunities. That additional reel gives you a bunch more symbols each spin and a whole lot more ways to win when you play. That means you'll be pulling wins more often and you could be getting some significant prize money as well.

Place a Small or Large Bet

There's a huge betting range available in Lucky 6 slots. You can bet as little as $1.00 per spin, and as much as $500 per spin depending on how brave you are. You're locked in at 10 coins per spin of the reels, but you have a wide range of coin values starting at $.01 and going all the way up to $50 per coin. That's a very high top bet, which is why high rollers really seem to enjoy playing this slot game.

Huge Prize Potential

You can win really big while playing this Leprechaun themed slot game with a bit of luck on your side. That's because the top prize in this slot is 50,000 times your coin amount. With one of the higher bet amounts for this game it's easy to see how you could come away with a significant victory in the end.

Whether you're a high roller looking to enjoy the biggest possible bets that you can make on a slot game, or you are a low-stakes player that just wants to have some fun on Saint Patrick's day, there is a reason for everyone to try out Lucky 6. It's fun, and pays out a huge top prize of up to $500,000 if you're brave enough to bet the maximum amount as you play along. Give it a try today and you just might find that you're luckier than you thought possible.