Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

Get into the spirit for Halloween with Bubble Bubble 2 the slot game. This creepy and dark slot is themed after all the symbols that people have come to know about Halloween and similar holidays. There are bats, black cats, cauldrons, witches hats, creepy candles, rats, animal skulls, owls and more. These symbols, along with the dark and swampy backdrop help to create a creepy ambience that makes this slot worth playing.

Placing a Bet

The very first step to enjoying Bubble Bubble 2 is placing a bet. With a total of 50 paylines, there is a lot of betting versatility to work with overall. Choose between a coin size of $.01 and $.25 to place on all of the paylines out there. You can bet a minimum of $.50 and a maximum of $125 on this slot game, letting you choose exactly the amount that you want to risk.

Expanded Wilds

Bubble Bubble 2 features an expanded wild symbol that spreads out after hitting the reels. This creates a greater chance for you to unlock prizes as you play, and makes this slot more prone to offering regular payouts with most rounds that you go through.

Special Free Spin Features

There are a couple different free spin features in Bubble Bubble 2, giving you multiple opportunities to win big with just a bit of luck on your side. The Greater Ghosts feature gives you 20 free spins and plenty of opportunities to win. Wilder Witches gives you 9 free games and a special bonus that appears in the form of a witch casting a spell for bonuses. These games also feature a nice win-win feature that ensure that you get a good payout. If you earn less than 10x your bet amount, you'll receive that as a guarantee that you get something from the bonus games.

Nice Jackpot

While the jackpot on Bubble Bubble 2 isn't massive, it's large enough to be exciting still. It's possible to win as much as 9,000 coins off a top jackpot, which is worth as much as $2,250 if you're betting the maximum amount of cash while playing. That's not exactly a huge jackpot by any means, but it's large enough to really enhance your bankroll and give you plenty of cash to play with if you want to keep going. Bubble Bubble 2 makes up for its smaller jackpots by making it easy to win regularly and offering plenty of different prizes to look out for as you gamble.

Bubble Bubble 2 is a good all-around slot game. It creates that creepy feel that's so important in these sorts of slots, but it does more than that. It also offers you top-notch bonuses, pays out prizes frequently and just gives you a lot to look forward to while gambling.