Sunken Treasures Slots

Start searching for treasure deep down in the ocean in Sunken Treasure, the vibrant underwater video slot game. This slot game features fish, anchors, underwater shipwrecks and more. It's a beautiful looking slot game and offers an enticing random jackpot, which is exactly why we decided to give it a try and give the game a full review. Read on for our results and to learn if it's a slot for you.

The Betting Options

As always we started by looking through all the betting options that Sunken Treasure has to offer. There are 20 variable paylines that you can choose to use or to avoid, and you can set coin values to be bet on each one of those lines. This gives you the chance to bet between $0.01 and $100 per spin in Sunken Treasure slot which seems like a pretty good variety of betting options to us. Activating more paylines will help turn up wins more often, and raising coin amounts will result in heftier wins as well.

Wilds are Valuable

In Sunken Treasure the Diver is wild and can only appear on the central three reels. This symbol will help complete prize payouts for all but the scatter symbols. It's an important symbol for another reason as well, and that's because it's a 2x multiplier when it helps complete any prize amount. That means you can literally double your prize payouts by completing prizes with the Diver symbol.

A Solid Base Jackpot

During the base game of Sunken Treasure it's not possible to get rich, but you can unlock some halfway decent jackpots. The biggest jackpot payout available is 5,000 coins and that requires a blend of treasure chest symbols and the diver symbol. Five treasure chest symbols on their own are worth 2,500 coins, but when the diver is added in that value doubles to 5,000 coins, or as much as 25,000 when you're betting the maximum coin value in Sunken Treasure.

The Free Spin Game is Highly Valuable

In Sunken Treasure the real great prizes are avialable through the special free spins bonus round. To trigger this round in the game you need to get 3 or more scatter symbols. For every scatter symbol you get, you get a chest pick at the beginning of the free spin round. Chests have either 5 free games or up to a 10x multiplier for the free spin rounds to follow, making it easy to wrack up some massive multipliers before the games even start. Once you get the round going all your prize payouts will be tripled to start with, then you add on any multipliers as well for even more valuable payouts.

Random Jackpots

Sunken Treasure also throws in a random progressive jackpot that can be over $10,000 in size. This jackpot pays out randomly with seeminly no trigger behind it. It's exciting to win though, and keeps the game even more exciting overall.

Sunken Treasure is a top-tier online video slot game with a lot to offer. It's literally packed with features, has an excellent bonus game and looks pretty nice as well. That's why we can recommend it to any gamblers that want a good solid slot experience.