Bao Ni 8 Slots

Real Time Gaming deserves the credit for their recent slot game, Bao Ni 8. Once more, they tap into the unlimited potential of Asian themed games. Bao Ni 8, is a state of the art 5 reel game that brings out all the fan fare and mystique of Asian themed game, with colorful icons and potent bonus rounds. Bao Ni 8, boasts a strong wild symbol, a rewarding free spins round to go with a re spin feature. Outside of rewarding symbols, Bao Ni 8 lets you take complete control of the game with many options and other perks.

The Power Of Real Time Gaming

There are great and powerful gaming engines, and then there is Real Time Gaming, the undisputed leader in the world of online casino games. So what makes Real Time Gaming, the king of gaming engines? Well there are a few points actually. For starters, their games are nothing short of visual gems and masterpieces. For that aspect, you can thank the flash engine for that. Flash is a special technology where you preserve all the gaming details and graphical integrity. Another important note on Real Time Gaming, is that they specialize in bonus round rich games, as is the case with Bao Ni 8. Some examples of Real Time Gaming, rich bonus round games, includes graphical wonder Asgard, where you get to live among the gods in Valhalla. Along the way, you will enjoy heavenly free spins from the Valkyrie, Odin, Thor and Loki.

Real Time Gaming makes its presence felt, fully demonstrating its bonus round mastery, wit the likes of bonus rich games, like Bubble Bubble and Bubble Bubble 2, where Winnie The Witch graces the reels and enchants them with her beauty and spells. Both the games have multiple bonus rounds where you can win yourself something big and nice, plus you have the advent of Winnie and in the sequel, Wanda, serving as expanding wilds which can lead to even larger rewards and benefits. And then you have Cash Bandits, two high caper, crime laden games, that also demonstrates the mastery of Real Time Gaming bonus rounds. Not only do you have a free spins round, they are interactive and complex. In this case, you can play up to scores of free spins, based on breaking into the vault on merit. So as you can see, Real Time Gaming, like we told you, continues to be an industry leader for bonus rich games.

Another benefit of Real Time Gaming, is that many of their games comes with a progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin.

Getting That Much Practice

You can talk about a game. You can review the game and hype it up, but nothing beats real gaming experience. Another hallmark of Real Time Gaming is the notion that they develop their games so that you can play some practice rounds, before you wager real money, and thus is the case when it comes to Bao Ni 8. All of the features of the regular game play are available, but you won’t be able to win real money.

A Theme Of Asia

Wealth, and Chinese folklore really dominates the landscape when it comes to Bao Ni 8. The icons and the game play are highly colorful, much in the tradition of Asian inspired games. The reels are highly decorative as well, and they closely resemble that of Asian culture.

The Game Play Is Quite Impressive

When you get past just how visually stunning Bao Ni 8 looks, you will soon come to find that this state of the art slot game has all that you need to function and become a big winner. There is a spin button if you want to handle your own spins, or you can leave things up to fate when it comes to the auto play button. There are pay line arrows and coin size buttons that allows you to fix your bet to the near cent and pay line, so you can control your fortune, in the new Asian themed, classic, Bao Ni 8. A pay table button is provided where you can easily review the game icons, along with an options button to get the sound to your liking.

There Is A Lot Going On With Bao Ni 8

Make no mistake about it, Bao Ni 8, packs a serious punch. There are many bonus rounds that will keep you going. It bears repeating that there is a re spins feature, to go with a free spins round that varies in scope. There is not a progressive jackpot. Normally, Asian themed games features a progressive jackpot.

The Power Of The Pay Lines

Bao Ni 8, has 8 adjustable pay lines. You can bet on one of them, all eight of them, or anything in between. This is made easy due to the pay line arrows.

Don’t Forget About The Coin Size

And just like you can tweak the number of pay lines, you can easily get the coin size to your liking too. Thanks to the coin size buttons, this becomes possible. The minimum bet to get the reels spinning is a penny. The values normally grow in increments of a nickel, going all the way up to five bucks. The max bet per spin is 40 dollars.

The Power Of The Pay Table

There are a lot of interesting icons that pays out nicely when it comes to Bao Ni 8. Whenever you are in need of reviewing them, all you have to do is press the pay table icon, and all will be revealed to you. The wild symbol is worth it’s weight in gold. The number is eight is the wild and it is lined in gold. Keep in mind that it will only land on the first, third and fifth reels, and it will double winning combinations when it lands. It will replace the other symbols with the exception of the scatter icon.

Of course the scatter icon is a notable icon, which we will talk about in a bit more detail. There is also Bao Ni himself. Getting five of him on the reels will reward you with the top regular game amount of 388. The golden turtle comes in second with 168 credits for five of him on the pay line. The golden ingot ranks number three with 108 credits. The green jade is quite nice too with 88 credits for five of them on the reels. The other key icons involved are the fan, along with the playing card numbers, aces, kings, queens, and jacks. In traditional game play fashion, you win, by getting three of a like icon to land on the reels.

A Nice Bonus Round

And when it comes to main bonus round here at Bao Ni 8, that is handled by the re spin feature. Here, the 8 normal reels, will transform into 15 independent reels. You access this bonus round when you score a win during regular game play. The symbols that made up the winning combination, are held in place, while the other reels are re spun. As long as you keep on winning, the reels will keep on re spinning.

Bring On The Free Spins

Bao Ni 8, does not hold back when it comes to the free spins. To get into the free spins round, you will need to get at least five of the free spins icons to land on the reels. When this happens you will commence the free spins round. Actually, the more free spin icons that land, the more free spins you will play with. A full five of the icons will start you off with 8. 8 or more of the icons will yield you with 10. 10 or more will result in 25. 11 plus brings home the top amount of 50 free spins. Wins during the free spins round are doubled. And yes, it is possible to trigger the re spins round in the free spins round. When this happens, you will be given a winning multiplier of 10 times.

The Return To Player

Bao Ni 8 is awaiting a wide release. Therefore, there isn’t an accurate return to player info associated with it yet. But in typical, Real Time Gaming fashion, the return to player for slot games tends to be quite generous. The return to player for the slot games, tends to be well over 90 something percent.

What About The Rating?

Again, Bao Ni 8 is a relatively new slot game, but if it is any indication of Real Time Gaming’s rich gaming history, it is no doubt slated to be a very popular game among fans.

Maybe You Are The Next Big Winner

Real Time Gaming is accepted at many online casinos, so the online casino that is going to host Bao Ni 8, is bound to have many ways for you to become the next big winner and the rage of the entire online casino scene. The usual way to help you score it big, is through the in house promotions. There is a wide variety of online promotions to help you get through the door. It is customary now, just for signing up for the first time, that you either receive a no deposit bonus for a certain amount of money, which can be used on popular slot games, such as Bao Ni 8. You might also get a free chip which works in a similar fashion to the no deposit.

When you actually make a deposit, new members are normally in store for a super duper welcome package, that normally features a great amount of a matching bonus that can lead up to thousand dollars to be used on hit slot games like Bao Ni 8. And if you are a veteran member, then the sky is the limit when it comes to daily and weekly bonuses that is customary at many online casinos. Each day of the week offers you the prime opportunity to become the big time winner that you always wanted to be. The matching bonuses can range from 50 to a nice 75%.

Going the extra mile, there are normally weekly and monthly bonuses for all members to make sure that you become the next big time winner with your name displayed all throughout the website. VIP members are treated with extra, plush rewards and bonuses that puts them in a category all to their own. The VIP bonuses up the ante on the regular in house bonuses for regular members. Because it is multi tiered, each level comes with higher rewards. Last but not least, you can count on free spins to help put you over the top when Bao Ni 8, gets a full release.

Playing Around

Bao Ni 8 will most likely follow the usual tradition of free play in demo mode before you can wager real money. All of the features will be available, but you won’t be able to win real money, however. You might find some third party promotions which will allow you to play for free, but win for real.

When You Are Ready To Wager Real Money

That won’t be a problem at all. When you are ready to lay down a real bet when Bao Ni 8 gets a full release, the online casino that is hosting it, will more than likely have many ways for you to make a deposit and get into the game.

The usual ways normally involves the major credit cards, Visa and MasterCard, and in many cases, American Express. The credit cards will process deposits instantly, but you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier. The minimum deposit can range between $25 to $35.

Other popular methods include the e wallets, Neteller and Skrill. They will also process deposits instantly and help you get up and running in no time. You will need to setup and account to use these services, which requires a valid email address.

More and more online casinos are using the services of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular crypto currency. Bitcoin runs on its own block chain technology, which negates any need of going through the banks. Instead, all you need with Bitcoin, is a valid Bitcoin wallet to use these services. There are many out there on the market, so you will have to do some research to find the one that is right for you. Once you have found the wallet for you, the next step is to convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier to get the ball rolling.

The Mobile Phone Awaits

In true Real Time Gaming fashion, you can count on Bao Ni 8 being mobile ready. A staple of Real Time Gaming, is that their games are fully compatible for today’s mobile devices and laptops too. All you have to do is login to your account, right in the palm of your hand even, and pick up right where you left off when Bao Ni 8 gets a full release at many major, online casinos.