Lovable Pets Slots

If there were a contest for one of the cutest games ever made, this game would definitely take the cake. It has dogs, cats, fish, squirrels, and everything cute in the entire world. These things are cuter than babies. The color scheme is also perfectly suited to win your heart. There is a soft spot in all of us for graphics that look like this, and when they combine it with gameplay that can stand on its own, it is a hard package to compete with!

About the Game

This game comes from real time gaming, being an unusually large game for their catalog. The number of lines is staggering, the number of reels is higher than normal, and the number of bonus rounds is larger than life. It has graphics far outside of the usual budgets that you will see. It also plays like a dream. It's one of their greatest titles, provided you like pets.

Slot Game Developer

Real time gaming is the go to name to compete with in online gambling. If there is a favorite title, it probably comes from them. We can't think of many of their games that we don't like. They have large jackpots, great graphics, and well thought out gameplay. They are the biggest name in gambling for a reason!

Demo Play

If you don't want to jump right into the game, you can start off in demo mode. Using this, you don't have to spend a single dime of your own money to enjoy the game. It is fully functional just as it would be if you were playing it with real bets. It's still fun despite the lack of incentive to keep playing, the game itself giving you plenty of reasons to keep going by virtue of how fun it is. And if that wasn't enough, you can always use it as practice for when you do decide to put money down.


The theme of this game is pets, which the title gives away. What is not given away by the title, however, is just how great the pets all look. They have just the right amount of cute, just the right amount of endearing, and just the right amount of rainbow graphics. It's colorful, cuddly, and the fur on all of the various critters looks like you can reach out to pet it. If you have an HD screen, with high-quality graphics, it's going to look wonderful enough to be your screensaver.

Game Design

The game itself is designed for you to bounce from bonus rounds to bonus round, and make use of the extreme amount of pay lines. The number of lines in the game itself to bet on numbers at 4096. This is way above the usual 25 that most of the real time gaming catalog has to offer. In addition to that, you can play across six reels. These six reels are one more than you will usually find in competing slots. They don't stop there, either. You will also have a larger number of bonus rounds, which we will get to shortly.

Betting Options

You can bet one coin per line, which makes for a maximum of 4096 lines that can have a bet on them. With a coin size starting at $.10, this makes the maximum amount anyone can bet at once sky high. Be sure your wallet can take it, because once you get addicted to betting that much, it is hard to do anything else but keep going! The winnings are great.

Bonus Rounds

For the different bonus rounds that you can play, you'll have a guaranteed respin win with multiplier, as well as a free game with multiplier. What distinguishes these bonus rounds from the usual ones you will find in competing games is that there are different multipliers that come up alongside of the respin and the free game. This means that they are not like normal free spins or free games. If you play when they are active, your winnings will have a higher than average chance of occurring. Should you win during this time, you'll get more money. So it's a bonus round in more ways than one!

Play for Fun

If you want to play for fun, you can do so without having to waste any of your money. Start off in demo mode, and simply spin. You get all the game's many features, and can still bet on many lines to get a feel for the game mechanics. This is because you were given free credits, which are not like real credits in that they will give you money, but functions somewhat like lives in a video game.

Play for Real Money

Should you want to put down real money, you will be greeted with real rewards beyond your wildest dreams. Because of the many bonus rounds that come with a hefty multiplier across them, and the large number of lines to bet on at 4096, the amount you can win is many orders of magnitude beyond anything you will find in the competing games. For this reason, we think everyone will enjoy betting for real, because you have a higher than normal chance of winning big!

Mobile Play for Android and iOS

Along side of everything else, the game looks to die for on all devices we have tried. Whether you are on an iPhone, or within the Google ecosystem, every single device will run this game flawlessly, and it will look just as good across all of them. There isn't a single one that the game will not function on. On top of that, whether you have a stable network connection or not, it will still play wonderfully. This means you will not be losing out on any hard earned cash because your network connection crapped out.