Jazz Time Slots

Jazz Time Slots is a celebration of music and a fun gambling game with a lot to offer players that enjoy jazz music or at least the look of this slot game. It comes with some cool features, like a bonus game that has you build a song, and it has some pretty rewarding top jackpots as well. Play the game to the best of your ability and you could win big in the process. Just make sure that you fully understand it before you get started.

Decent Bet Range

Jazz Time slots has a total of 9 paylines, giving you a decent range of betting options to choose from. The important thing to remember when playing this game is that you want to set the bet amount to a level you are comfortable with. The range starts as low as $.01 and climbs up to $45 per spin depending on what you are comfortable with. For some players a low level bet is absolutely fine, but many others will want to risk the full $45 and for some that may not be enough.

Jam Session Bonus Feature

You'll get the opportunity to show your musical skills if you unlock the bonus round Jam Session. Get three or more grand pianos and you'll be taken to the bonus round where you have to put together a song. Do a good enough job and you'll walk away with up to 4,000 coins. Do poorly and you'll get next to nothing from the bonus game.

Scatter Prizes

There are three instrument scatter symbols on this slot game that you can use to unlock some excellent prizes. Get the hi hat, drum stick and snare drum symbols out on the reels at the same time anywhere and you'll get 350 credits. That's easy to do and you'll win scatter prizes a surprisingly large amount of the time if you play for a bit.

Win a Big Max Prize

It's possible to win as much as $50,000 from this slot game if you get the maximum jackpot of 10,000 coins while playing. This comes from the best combination of symbols in the game and is something that you'll rarely see while playing. Players that want to win big will really enjoy the top prize offered by this slot game.

Jazz Time slots is a lot of fun and is certainly a game that you'll want to try out. Just make sure you bet an amount that you're comfortable with or you won't enjoy the experience nearly as much as you could.