Boy King's Treasure Slots

Boy King's Treasure is an Egyptian themed video slot game set on a beautiful golden reels, against a vibrant backdrop. The slot game itself features the standard card symbols, as well as a host of unique Egyptian-themed symbols giving it a nice overall look. The true thing that sets this slot apart from many other video slots available today is all the different special features available. Read on to learn about each feature and whether they're enough to make the game worth playing or not.


Before you start playing this slot game you need to place a wager. There's a wide range of wagering limits available, making it easy to bet an amount that you are comfortable with. Place a wager as low as $.01 or as high as $100 per spin and control your chances of winning large prizes.

Progressive Jackpot

In this Egyptian's slot game there's a progressive jackpot that's simple to win. After any spin of the reels there is a small chance of winning the progressive jackpot. This amount can climb as high as $5,400, making it an exciting addon on top of the standard payouts available.

Wild Multiplier

The Pharaoh symbol serves as the wild symbol in Boy King's Treasure slots, and will help complete all the different winning combinations except for scatters. When the wild is used to complete a prize combo, it doesn't just help complete the prize, but doubles it. That's why the highest fixed jackpot possible in this slot game relies on a wild symbol to reach. Payouts are always better when they involve one or more wilds, which is why they're so important to the game.

A Good Fixed Jackpot

On top of the progressive jackpot feature, Boy King's Treasure has fixed jackpot payouts. The only way to get the highest payout possible is by getting four bracelet symbols and completing the prize with the Pharaoh wild symbol. Do that for 3,600 coins, or as much as $18,000 with a top coin value of $5.00. That's a good-sized jackpot for a relatively affordable slot game, and something that will keep players hoping for a big win while playing Boy King's Treasure slots.

Bonus Free Spin Round

During the bonus free spin round that's triggered by getting three or more of the scatter symbols, the wild multiplier skyrockets in value, helping to serve as up to a 16x multiplier instead of the standard 2x. That creates huge prize opportunities and makes it possible to win up to $144,000 with a set of 4 bracelets and the wild symbol set to the highest multiplier with the highest coin value. This is difficult to do, but the massive prize is worth the effort.

Boy King's Treasure is a feature-rich game that offers an excellent level of excitement with each round that you play through. There's always a bonus to be won and plenty of prize winning opportunities in the standard rounds and during the free spin round of the game.