Funky Monkey Slot Game

Funky Monkey slot is a psychedelic game featuring a series of musical monkeys doing things like playing drumming or playing guitar. It's a fun slot that has a pretty unique and colorful look to it, and that's enough to draw in many players. As you play you'll see that there are a total of 20 pay lines, and there are plenty of bet options to choose from. The game is a standard video slot overall, and it's good for new players looking for a slot without too many features, but it's also good for long-term players that want a shot at a decent jackpot. With up to $100,000 on the line, there's a very real reason to keep spinning those funky reels.

The Bet Range

There's a pretty decent bet range on the Funky Monkey slot game, and players can choose to risk as little as $.20 on their spins, or as much as $100. Coin values can be set to as high as $5.00 and it's possible to bet up to 20 coins on a single spin of the reels.

Two Ways to Win the Top Prize

While playing Funky Monkey slots the top prize amount that you have to shoot for is 2,000 coins. That can be worth as much as $10,000 to the players that bet the maximum coin amount, or as little as $20 to those that bet the minimum. The jackpot is available two different ways, either through five DJ Monkey symbols, or by getting five Banana Guitar scatter symbols. The next best prize is from the drummer monkeys and pays out a total of 1,500 coins.

Unlock the Free Spins

There's also a free spin feature on this slot game that can give you up to 25 cost-free spins of the reels. To activate that feature you need to get be lucky enough to get the Funky symbol at one side of the reel and the Monkey symbol at the other side of the reel. Once you do that you'll unlock a random set of spins with a multiplier that's up to 10x the normal amount. That means the top prize during the free spin round is 20,000 coins or an astounding $100,000 if you're betting the top amount while playing. That's something to really get excited about.

Other than the free spin round Funky Monkey is a pretty standard slot game. There aren't any bonus games or extra features to be aware of. You just try for the best prize that you can get with the available symbols, and make the most of the free spin round you get lucky enough to unlock it.