Sweet 16 Slots

Sweet 16 is a fun slot game celebrating all sorts of candy. The symbols of the slot are made up of a range of different candy types, and each one offers a different prize payout. This slot is known for its good quality symbols, and is the perfect game for anyone out there with a sweet tooth. If you enjoy winning frequently, rather than winning huge prizes once and awhile, this slot has something to offer you. Read on to learn about its specific benefits and why it makes sense to play this slot game.

Small Bet Range

The betting range is very limited in this online slot game, which is something many high rollers won't enjoy. Players can risk as little as $.25 per spin, but the maximum bet allowable is a mere $6.25 per spin. That's very small for most high rollers and will deter players with large bankrolls from playing. This isn't a bad thing for all the players out there that don't have a great deal of money to risk though.

Nice Prize Potential

One of the coolest features of Sweet 16 slots is the chain feature. Each time you get winning combinations on the reels of this slot game, they disappear and new symbols fall down in their place instead. It's possible to get very large strings of prizes that can result in a maximum of 2000x your wager amount. That means you can theoretically win as much as $12,500 from a single spin with enough luck and combos strung together.

Exploding candy clears out of the way the entire time that you play and can create very large chains of wins. The exploding graphics look pretty cool as well, adding to the appeal of this slot game further.

Special Free Spin Bonus

This slot game includes a special free spin bonus round that you can unlock by getting three or more of the scatter symbols out on the reels. Do that and you'll be awarded a 16 free spins as well as a prize multiplier that starts out at 2x and climbs up to 20x by the end. With the multiplier in place it's possible to win some very large prizes, especially when you chain wins together, which happens very frequently in this slot game.

Sweet 16 slots is a unique video slot game with a big potential for prize wins, they just come in a way that's different to what most players are used to. Instead of a couple large wins paying out the bulk of the money, chains of many small wins do so, leading to some pretty major victories in the slots over time.