Snowmania Slots

As it gets colder outside there's less and less to do outdoors, while sitting inside and relaxing becomes far more appealing. What better time of year to kick back and enjoy a good quality slot game like Snowmania slots? On the surface this 20 line slot game looks like the perfect cool weather gambling activity. It has nice looking symbols, a beautiful icy backdrop and what looks to be some nice features as well. We were intrigued enough to give the slot game a try, and below is exactly what we found about Snowmania.

Fixed Paylines

Snowmania appears to be a simple slot at first glance because it has 20 fixed paylines. There's no selection process to worry about, you always have every single payline available to win on while playing rounds of this slot. There are different bet levels for you to choose from though, so you can risk less than $1.00 up to much greater sums depending on the bet level that you decide to go with. Betting higher can lead to much larger payouts, but always be careful to bet in line with your bankroll to keep the fun going.

Crushing Wilds

During the standard rounds of Snowmania the Ice Wilds are the most important symbols by far. When they tumble down onto the reels you know you have a good chance at winning some serious cash. That's because Ice wilds give you a 2x multiplier per win on any prizes that you unlock during their initial placement. All the symbols involved with a win are crushed down and out of the way to make room for additional symbols. If those new symbols unlock another win, you'll enjoy a 3x multiplier on that win and they'll be crushed out of the way once again. Any additional wins will come with a 5x multiplier and they'll continue to be crushed out of the way until you stop winning. Needless to say, chained wins are pretty common in this wintery slot game.

A Seriously Good Bonus

While the standard round is exciting and packed with high paying wilds, the bonus round can be even more generous with its prizes. To unlock the special bonus round you need 3 or more scatter symbols. Once you have them you'll enjoy 10 free spins with a chance to re-trigger an additional 5 free spins one time by getting three or more scatters once again. During the bonus round your first win awards you with a 3x multiplier, the second win offers a 6x multiplier and any other wins after that get a stunning 15x multiplier. At that point it's easy to win thousands of dollars off of pretty standard prize payouts if you're betting a high amount of cash on this slot game.

Snowmania is a pretty original slot game and it offers very exciting payouts to players that decide to give it a try. That's why we're happy to recommend the slot to anyone looking for a more advanced game with unexpected features. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but the slot is simple for anyone to play and a good way to relax on a chilly winter day.