Secret Symbol Slots

Secret Symbol is a stunning online slot game based around the Ancient Aztecs. This game features lush graphics with symbols including bowls, masks, head dresses, necklaces, parrots and more. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled to a tropical location while playing this online slot game, and that’s just the start of the appeal that this game has to offer.

Slow Paced Gambling

With some slot games wins are fast and furious and will keep the game feeling exciting and uplifting. That’s not the case with Secret Symbol slots. This online game isn’t as generous with it’s wins and you’ll really have to work to get one or two out of it, but they’re worth it when you do. If you want to enjoy bigger wins, and don’t mind playing patiently as you wait for them to come rolling in, this slot game has a lot to offer you.

Awesome Free Spins Round

By and large one of the best features in this slot game is the free spins round. To activate it you need to get three of the pyramid scatter symbols. The moment you do that you’ll be entered into a 10 spin free spins round of the game. Each of the spins comes with a nice multiplier, and it’s possible to get up to a 20x multiplier while going through the rounds of this slot game.

Winning Big Time

It’s possible to win thousands of dollars if you are lucky enough to trigger the progressive jackpot, but you’ll have to work a bit in order to do that. In Secret Symbol you need to get five jackpot symbols all on the same payline in order to unlock the top jackpot. This isn’t easy to do by any means, but it’s certainly exciting when you manage to accomplish the feat. With prizes in excess of $10,000 it’s possible to win a whole lot from one progressive jackpot payout.

Secret Symbol is a good solid online slot with huge prize payouts to look forward to. It’s a progressive jackpot game that can award you tens of thousands of dollars. Some players will fall in love with the graphics, but it’s the big prizes that most will be playing for. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you can enjoy the infrequent prize payouts while gambling with this slot. If you don’t mind winning once and awhile while going through stretches with no wins for extended periods, there’s a lot to like about Secret Symbol the slot game.