Outta This World Slots

Outta this World is a fun online slot game from Real Time Gaming that focuses on aliens and a wide range of special features. From the moment that you start playing the slot you'll encounter a whole cast of alien characters and you'll be trying to unlock one of the many different high paying opportunities. If you like to win big from online slots, you'll enjoy the different features available.

Set Your Bet

Outta this World offers players some options to work with when it comes to choosing a wager amount. Gamblers are free to wager small or large depending on what they are comfortable with. The lowest possible wager is a minimal $0.01 and the highest is an expensive $125.00 per spin. There are 25 paylines in all and you can flip them on or off depending on how you want to adjust your chances, but players that keep all 25 lines active will win prizes much more frequently for it.

Highest Standard Payout

The highest standard payout that you can get from this slot game is 7,500 credits. You can get this during the standard rounds of the game and you don't need any special bonus features active. This prize is worth as much as $37,500 if you're wagering the maximum amount per line when you win. This prize can be doubled potentially if you win it during the free spin round of the game as well, making the best payout that you can get worth $75,000.

Expanding Wilds

The powerful wild symbol in this slot game shows up on reels 1, 3 and 5 and will help complete different prizes as it appears. This symbol is so special because it expands to cover up the entire reel. That means you're much more likely to get at least one prize payout when the wild shows itself.

A Random Jackpot

Players with the right amount of luck don't need a winning combination of symbols at all to walk away with thousands of dollars. Instead they can just win the random progressive jackpot. Do that and you'll be taking away thousands of dollars. The jackpot is paid out randomly after any spin of the reels and only one lucky player will unlock the prize before it resets down to the bottom again.

The Black Hole Bonus

Black Hole symbols are powerful and they are the key to unlocking the bonus game round for this alien themed slot. Get two or more of the symbols and you'll be looking at a special screen covered with planets. Choose as many planets as you can to get special prize payouts or free spins. The right planets have five free spins or a random prize multiplier. You get to keep picking planets until you run into 2 alien symbols, at which point you move on to play through your free spins. All the prizes that you win during the free spins round are doubled in size, making it the perfect place for you to win bigger and better payouts.

Outta this World is a pretty cool online slot game with a good range of features. It's not the best paying online slot, but all the different features and interesting symbols make up for that.