Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Mid Life Crisis is an online five reel slot game that's all about the people out there that go through a mid-life crisis. You'll see things like hot tubs, medicine, money clips, motorcycles, skydiving and sports cars among others. These symbols are all to represent the things that people around middle age end up going through. The theme shows off nicely decorated symbols and it gives the game a pretty fun atmosphere as well. A good look and theme doesn't make a game though. Read on to learn what we thought about this slot after testing it out.

Your Bet

From the moment that you start playing Mid-Life Crisis, you'll have a choice of which bet you want to make. You can risk a very small amount, or you can go all out and risk the maximum. With just 9 paylines available, the most you can risk is $10 each or $90 in all. If you want to take things more slowly you can cut your bet down to as little as $.01 per spin. Choose the amount you are comfortable risking and then start gambling.

Chance to Win a Super Sports Car

If you want a mid-life crisis all your own, this game can finance it for you if you're lucky enough to get five of the cars while making a max line bet. Do that and you'll immediately be awarded with the win of a $100,000 sports car, or the chance to get a huge cash reward that you can put toward anything that you want. That's the biggest perk of this online slot game and it's an exciting one that should motivate even the most serious gamblers out there. It's important to realize that this top prize is actually a progressive jackpot and the amount can be as low as $25,000 and as high as $100,000.

Two Bonus Rounds

There are two different special bonus rounds for you to unlock while playing Mid-Life Crisis. The first is themed after the name of the game itself and will have you choosing which extravagant life-altering decision that you want to make to try and unlock a pretty awesome prize. The second is known as Pick Your Poison and will have you making decisions and trying to get a prize of up to 4,000 coins which could be worth up to $40,000 with a top bet amount.

Mid-Life Crisis has enough to offer besides a clever theme to be enjoyable to play. The game looks nice, it has a good theme, it offers good solid top prizes and has enough special bonus rounds to make every turn of the reels exciting and unexpected. As you play through these rounds you'll quickly realize that you have a lot to look forward to from this game.