High Rollers Slot Game

High Rollers is a fun psychedelic trip mixed with a classic slot game. It's all bright rainbow colors, peace symbols, butterflies and straightforward gameplay. It's not an overly exciting slot and there really aren't any special features to look forward to, but the game does offer decent payouts and with roughly a 97% payout it's pretty easy to win while playing the game. Players enjoy frequent payouts while playing High Rollers, and that keeps many coming back for more again and again.

Place Your Bet

To start the game you'll need to place your initial bet. This can be anything from $.05 to $5.00. This is over a total of 5 pay lines so you'll easily be able to see how you win a prize whenever you do. Once you've made the initial bet you can start playing the actual game.

Playing High Rollers

To play high rollers you spin the reels and hope for a lucky break. There are just three reels and five pay lines overall. This creates a pretty small number of win opportunities each spin. You'll see a pay table up top for each of the four different symbols that appear on the reels. While playing the game you'll have a wild symbol to work with, the peace symbol. This will take the place of any other symbol out on the reels. Other than that you'll just be trying for the very best payout that you can get and there aren't any special bonus features or free spin rounds for you to take advantage of while playing this game.

Minimal Prize Potential

Because there aren't many pay lines and there are few bonus features, the prizes that you can unlock are pretty minimal as well. If you're playing with the highest spin amount possible, you could win as much as $500 on a single spin of the reels. That's a decent amount of money but nothing like what you can win from some other more advanced slot games. The smaller prizes are balanced out by the frequency that they are paid though.

High Rollers is a pretty good classic slot game for players that want a basic experience without all the extra features that complicate other games. It doesn't offer the same level of payouts as some of the other slots, but that's okay with some players and those are the people that will thoroughly enjoy playing this fun themed game.